Heavy Workers

I don't know if it's wise to do heavy. I feel that it can destroy you inside. It's dangerous. When you work in this domain, you must maintain many aspects of your life with clarity and purpose, for you are walking an edge, and the slightest touch can send you over it. Eat well. Sleep very well. Recharge yourself with love and light. Plants, animals, cuddles.

For when we channel this vibe, it programs our minds a certain way. What you practice can be what you think, and what you think is what you become. When you go to the dark place frequently, your environment at home must be one of peace. A refuge from the world, a place to rest for the work ahead.

I don't know if it's wise. I only know, I gotta do it. Many days I think that most music should be happy love songs and groovy dance tunes, and we are all so silly for going down this path. And then I dive fully into whatever work comes out.

Far be it from me to figure out what we do. This is for historians, writers, people who research. We who make things, we feel and we react.

People who do heavy continuously, yet they remain, with beautiful lives, these folks have my utmost respect in this world. They have figured out something good and beautiful about life. Have been fortunate to meet several of these folks over the years, lifers, and I am always inspired by their strength, and softness.

I didn't truly know what I was getting into when I went down the path which became the Falling Forward album. When you sing, it changes you inside. It's not like sampling. Not at all. It's not even like playing an instrument, drums, guitar. Language alters your mind, it rebuilds your body, to get you ready for what you are experiencing. Singing it, screaming it, even more so. So much respect for all vocalists. The things they bear, it is beyond what even their bandmates realize.

Thank you to the brave folks who walk this path, share their secrets, record them to analog tape, and put them in lovingly designed packages, to accompany us on our journeys. May they maintain and survive to make more, another day.