iggor cavalera & drumcorps interview

drums, soul, & life via the void with christina. ingredients:

00:00​ welcome
00:55​ live drums as the instrument that speaks to iggor’s soul
03:29​ iggor on aaron’s live drum sound, programmed with human energy
04:52​ how iggor found drumcorps & their relationship
11:02​ getting starstruck meeting john carpenter
12:25​ making cinematic music that makes you trip without drugs
13:57​ expending energy with aggressive music, for chill
14:42​ making music with iggor’s brother max in cavalera conspiracy
16:44​ max’s diverse musical taste and passion for research (and dub)
18:31​ iggor’s new spoken word mixtape with an all-star cast of speakers
19:51​ the power of women, laima and the “sisters with transistors” film
21:44​ the origin story of iggor and laima’s project mixhell
23:26​ aaron feeling constrained by dance music
24:34​ sepultura lyrics & why iggor can’t relate to metallica
26:16​ how you can’t control the gap between your intentions and the way music is received
28:24​ the connection between the black flag reunion show in london and iggor’s decision to embark on the “return to roots” tour
31:00​ aaron’s new ep “better days” - engaging with the darkest reality while refusing to yield to cynicism, hardcore ethos
33:52​ the intensity of petbrick and the passionate reality of extreme music
38:02​ the only reason petbrick exists is because of aaron
39:32​ the code orange cutting room floor, too many tracks vs. minimalism
41:17​ soul music and escaping formulas; what aaron and iggor share
43:04​ the contrasting worlds of hardcore and industrial music - iggor’s experiences, then aaron’s experiences, from the ol days to his new life as a one man hardcore band
48:44​ stage diving and the urge to take care of each other, boston hardcore
52:45​ iggor’s charity work in uganda and palestine with “in place of war”
54:35​ the tools to have a voice & post-capitalism with aaron
57:24​ aaron’s anonymous letter that he carries with him & stories from iraq
1:00:50​ iggor tape trading with norway
1:03:15​ mixing metal to sound different
1:00:05​ after sepultura, iggor’s decision to only work with people he loves
1:09:52​ bill ward, black sabbath and stewart copeland and other life-changing drummers and why drums should be treated with the same reverence as guitar riffs. they are riffs.
1:11:02​ cult leader and how the drums lead the guitars (which become a percussive element)
1:14:45​ iggor’s dream collaboration: aphex twin