mister roboto

someone sent me some ai music recently. funny lil thing i guess? 🤷‍♂️ [being charitable]

but it got me conclusioning. what’s going on? not w/ai, with making music. words too. what we doing here? why? we are makers of audio? choosers of pixels? yes! but in a specific way.

we are artists here. we make art.

this is so obvious it becomes invisible, and we gotta restate it. what is art?

it's a good piece of work which enhances our time here on this planet. which helps others in same. perhaps it interprets the world's complexity, perhaps critiques, perhaps tries to shape future outcomes for the better, to spark new possibilities? maybe it brings the fantastical, the whimsical, or deals with the not nice things, so that others who happen to be going through them also, can feel less alone.

namaste, basically. i see you and you see me. and we both feel better. that’s it.

a computer can’t make art because a computer cannot bear witness.

its pixel output could be identical, and yet this would still not do the thing.

would you feel ok with a robot officiant at a wedding? at a funeral? how bout a funeral with robot guests?! 😬 it’d feel… kinda empty, right?

the root of the thing is empathy. take away that? it’s boring.

so yea, maybe the robots will liberate us from making advertising jingles. but they’re not gonna take the artist thing. don’t worry.

the thing to worry about is if a bunch of sociopaths who lack empathy, manage to rewire the world in their image. if they’re able to convince a sizable amount of the population to accept a substandard version of empathy. and that… no. helllll no.

a real someone, bearing witness. you know it when you see it.

please watch out for that thing in you which will accept the facsimile. and listen to that feeling you got about the whole deal.