the remix bogus

anyone run into this scammy thing? here's how it goes:

  • someone pays you for a remix
  • they upload it to spotify and tag it as a collab
  • it gets pushed to your followers via release radar and appears as your original work 🙀
  • you object, they like "why you mad bro?"
  • you never talk to them again.

breaking trust for an algo boost! was it worth it? ARGHHHHHHHHHH.

AHEM. let us please set some clear definitions.

remixing is:

  • work for hire
  • a technical process

remixing is not:

  • an artistic endorsement
  • a guaranteed social media boost

that you paid me for this technical process does not give you any right to speak on my behalf nor post to my socials. want some paid poasts? go talk to an influencer 👋

i would not dare hire trent reznor to make a remix, then tag it as a nine inch nails collab! why on earth anyone thinks this is ok is beyond me.

why spotify allows tagging without verification, and does not provide visibility over how you are currently tagged, is also beyond me. i can only assume it is because the music business is a wholly shady affair, industry rule 4080 etc. the entire reason i prefer the periphery, free.

i can only conclude that many folks in this year of our lord distortion have developed algorithm brain / aka will do whatever is permitted, which is, frankly, a quality i find absolutely repugnant and will x you outta my life forever for having it.

when in doubt, just ask. easy. 😺

everything i post is because i genuinely like it. hell, i don't even accept gear sponsorships, like a big moron, because it feels like mission creep. and the mission is all.

now... back to that, shall we?