the remix good

now. back to the stuff we like. the good stuff!

i have done 8 remixes this year. MAN.


also much mixing and mastering work.

one thing that has been really fun about this is trying out new-to-me mixing techniques, which in the interest of time, you do not always adventure into with your own material. there are only so many times you can listen to a thing before it starts to burn into your mind. finishing is important. but if someone brings the stuff to you already formed, this is the time when you can take it further. yeah! hopefully come back with the goods, which can be used on my tunes, and more client work too. win for everyone :)

fun! some things i have learned:

  • fader rides. on vocals especially. gives the humanity and sparkle. do! a little here and there goes a long way.
  • automate everything. hands-on. the console is an instrument, same as guitar.
  • nothing on the mixbus until all creative decisions are finished and the mix is at 95% / could be released as it is, but....
  • wait a week for perspective, if this is an option.
  • go bananas with tweaks. this is when you can really dive in there and take the tune to 100% > beyond into the awesome zone. little low-level things like bass / kick interaction / space between sections / mixing tilts and endless flavors of saturation and contrast - this is the finishing, the good, the wonderful tasty yummy zone 😋
  • so many good plugins now to help with this. know when you want clean, when you want gnarly. know the flavors of gnarly.
  • less is more.
  • except when more is more. knowing which, when, is of prime importance. this is your job, and must be accomplished by trying absolutely everything, observing, remembering. seek the minimal, be willing to dive into the maximal when you need.
  • two mind states must occur simultaneously, in opposition: create and destroy. expand vs. clean. try everything - make a mess - then minimize and clean up the mess. emerge from the chaos jungle with what you have learned. repeat this forever.
  • there is a zone in which everything disappears, and it is only you, the work, the vision, and the tools to make it happen. you must quiet all the things around to get into this zone.
  • this is a scary place, as no one can help you. no god will save you now, machine or otherwise. it's the rawness and the realness. i am familiar with this feeling from doing realtime music, and welcome its arrival. dangerous, but essential. exposed. three chords and the truth and:
  • for me, softube console 1 has been very helpful in reaching this zone. its workflow and ergonomics are good. you learn the moves deep in your muscle memory, and the rest flies.
  • 50% of the je ne sais quoi in transcendent work is really just that the doer has developed proficiency with the tools and can reach the zone of deep focus. the zone is all, it's our strength as humans.
  • it's not about mac vs pc vs digital vs analog, but workflow in the service of art. many good tools have more in common with each other than with their genre peers. they work perfectly, then get out of the way. no obstacles but in your mind. seek them. the hasselblad v, rollei 35, and m8 tracker are some nice ones i have experienced. find the gear which works well with your individual ways, then make the good stuff.

right. onward to that. new tunes and some mixing work. ahoy ⛵️